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Announcing 2017 Contests!

Announcing 2017 Contests!
This year, we’re putting the Festival back in PHF. We hope you’ll help us by preparing for, and entering one (or more) of our PHF contests. We are calling on you to have fun learning about the Reformation and then share what you learned at the 2017 Festival!


Introducing something never before seen at PHF…a poster contest! 
We will set up a place for you to display a poster of your creation and showcase God’s providence in the history of Reformation. Your topic can be a person, event, theme, or benefit of the Reformation.

Here are the parameters:

• One poster, standard size: 24 in x 36 in.

• Graphics/display items can protrude 6 inches on any side.

• No electrical cords. Self-contained electrics are allowed, but definitely not required.

• Three dimensional elements are allowed, as long it does not cause your display to exceed an 8 inch depth.

Poster Judging Criteria:

• Providential Content

• Overall History

• Quality of Poster Display

See actual judging form here


We want to build on PHF heritage of producing quality historians and speakers. If you would like to give a short speech on God’s Providence in the Reformation, we have a spot for you. Anyone can enter. We hope you’ll start your preparation now and enjoy the whole process!

Here are the parameters:

• All ages welcome.

• 7 minutes maximum. Going past time will cause point deduction.

• Power Point may be used, but is not required.

• Props and costumes can be used in moderation. Remember it is a speech, but you can have fun!

Speech Judging Criteria:

• Providential Content

• Preparation

• Presentation

• Within Time Limit

See actual judging form here