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2013 Festival Presenters Announced

2013 Festival Presenters Announced

The Providential History Festival

would like to announce the following presenters

for the Fall Festival, September 14, 2013.



Aaron Fox & Megan Lane
John Gibson Paton
Scottish Missionary to the New Hebrides Islands
Mary Anne Shepherd & DCC
George Mueller: A Story With a Providential “Twist”



Aaron Fox & Brandon Miller
The Revival in the Southern Army in the War Between the States
Elizabeth Kayser
Fire on the Mountains
Sarah Allison
The Life and Kidnapping of Debbie Dortzbach
Seth Dykstra
Operation Auca: The Martyrdom of Jim Elliott,
Ed McCully, Nate Saint, Pete Fleming and Roger Youderian

Additional speeches will be given by:

Dr Peter Hammond,
2013 Keynote Speaker
Mr Bojidar Marinov
Bulgarian Reformation Ministries
Mr Randy Davis
Voice Of the Martyrs 


Table Displays

Miles Abernathy
Missionary, Rev. Dr. John G. Paton
Ella & Will Tyler
Naaman’s Servant Girl
Daniel & Becky Dykstra
George Mueller’s Life and Work
Richard Boytim
Nate Saint: Aviation in Missions
Levi Hobart
David Brainerd
Mary Nilson
God’s Higher Ways


Short Stories

Winners will be announced at the festival.