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Marshall Foster & Phil Kayser discuss the importance of studying history from a providential perspective.

Make History Come Alive!

History comes alive when our children can clearly see God’s purposes and plans in historical events. It is even more fun when the children can be involved in the teaching themselves!

The Purpose

The purpose of this festival is to 1) expose Christian families to the concept of Providential History and 2) help them get excited about the God who is working all historical details together for the good of His people and for the praise of His glory.

History is HIS story, and God has made His wonderful works to be remembered!

He has made His wonderful works to be remembered; The Lord is gracious and full of compassion. (Ps. 111:4, NKJV).


Family-Integrated Event

All are welcome to enter essays, table-displays, dramas, speeches, games, short films, or children’s stories that clearly teach Providential History. The speeches and dramas are put on by individuals, families and multiple families collaborating together. This is a fantastic way to not only teach your children history, but also to train them in skills requiring creativity, art, rhetoric, drama, computer, etc. To enter a project, visit this year’s festival page for the details.

For more of an idea of what the Providential History Festival is like, check out these past festivals.

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The Providential History Festival is a two day event with a fast-paced method of moving through an interesting mix of drama, short speeches, table displays, insight by experts, music, and games, which is attracting a broader age range than typical conferences. Instead of being limited to a program of “professional” speakers, imagine entirely new faces being groomed to be the next generation’s historians, researchers, writers, performers, orators and presenters.

Imagine two days of being immersed in the glory and delight of seeing God’s sovereign and providential hand directing all of history as explained by the research and experience of the mature and the enthusiasm and participation of the young and their families.

Find out more information about this year’s festival.

Visit this year’s festival here.