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Seeing History With New Eyes Pearl Harbor

Posted by on Dec 6, 2011 in Blog, Events | 6 comments

Pearl Harbor and Peace on Earth It is the Christmas season – time to celebrate God’s indescribable gift of peace and reconciliation through Jesus Christ.  It is also December 7th, the tragic anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  On this infamous day over 2,000 Americans were killed, and almost 1,200 wounded.  Countless thousands more would perish as a result of American atomic retaliation. What possible connection can this massacre have with the Christmas message, peace on earth and the reconciliation of God with men? To...

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Seeing History with New Eyes – Thanksgiving & Squanto

Posted by on Nov 22, 2011 in Blog, Events, People | 4 comments

It’s Thanksgiving; why are you thankful?   Perhaps you are teaching your children the story of Thanksgiving this week.  You know that it is not enough to focus on turkey and football.  But, don’t stop by simply focusing on the Pilgrims, or even their thankful prayers to God.  Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to focus on the ever present, providential hand of God, accomplishing mighty works despite circumstances, sin and the failings of man.  It is a day to strengthen our faith, remembering that we are not...

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