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Training Resources

Here you will find a growing number of training resources. These training resources will help you as you explore and develop your understanding of what providential history is.

If you want the big picture, check out Seeing History With New Eyes. This booklet covers the presuppositions of providential history and gives ideas for developing providential history. 

If you want to dig a little deeper, check out this powerpoint presentation by Phil Kayser which describes the difference between typical secular history, typical Christian history, and Providential history. The marriage of King Henry VIII to Ann Boleyn is examined from these three perspectives, followed by an analysis of ten presuppositions that drive providential history. This is the first of several training seminars designed to help people get more comfortable with providential history so they’ll be equipped and excited to enter their own projects in the Festival.

KidLit Resources

These KidLit resources are being produced with kids in mind. Here you will find providential history stories and activity booklets that show forth God’s Hand in history in a way that is accessible. Stayed tuned as these are added in conjunction with the ProvHistory blog.

Recommended Resources

Stay tuned……