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Screen shot 2012-08-18 at 11.59.08 AMRe-Igniting the Torch. “Did you know that our American ancestors and Founders went through the same struggles we are facing today? They endured a stock market and financial meltdown, immigration crises, waves of corrupt politicians, and power grabs at the highest levels pushing for worldwide control of the economy and business. Facing an impossible struggle for liberty, they persevered and birthed the finest constitutional republic in history. Only if we learn and understand what they knew and what they did, can we recover our freedom and prosperity and pass the torch of liberty to our posterity.” Read more.

Chinese characters and how they relate to the Book of Genesis: this message is given by a Chinese pastor. View it here on youtube.

America’s Answer to Socialism. Ancient Rome was founded on a culture of death…. America on a culture of life. America is facing a crisis so severe that many people are beginning to compare our cultural deterioration to the fall of the mighty Roman Empire.  A survey of the symptoms that led to Rome’s demise, which parallels America’s downward trends, should be a wakeup call for all of us. This is the sixth in a series by the World History Institute on the must-know landmark documents of liberty that led up to the U.S. Constitution.

Screen shot 2012-08-18 at 11.59.08 AMMentoring Our Future Leaders. In this article, Dr Foster brings a story to inspire and challenge your family. Notice how the power of only a few individuals from one family tree helped build two great nations. Follow the influence and impact of John Knox and John Witherspoon and their generations. Dr Foster encourages us to consider what “Knoxes” and “Witherspoons” are sitting around our kitchen tables – ones who will be used to disciple the nations of our time. Read more.

 Screen shot 2012-08-18 at 11.59.08 AMA Legacy of Freedom and Prosperity. Americans are longing to give their children a legacy of freedom and prosperity. History clearly details the only proven plan for such a legacy. Sadly, the pages of history are filled with the stories of poverty and tyranny that have dominated virtually all civilizations for 5,000 years. The few exceptions have followed the only proven strategy to sustained wealth and economic growth.