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PHF Resources

Seeing History With New Eyes

Here is an introductory guide for presenting providential history. It covers the presuppositions of providential history, gives ideas for developing providential history, and includes a checklist for making sure the history you tell is truly providential. Click here to view the pdf


Step by Step Guide

This is a brief outline to help you in developing your providential history project from the initial idea to the final application to participate. Click here to view the pdf


Ethical Guidelines

Just to make sure you are working within the parameters of the Providential History Festival, read this compact document. There aren’t too many rules, but they are important. Click here to view the pdf


Training Seminar

Phil Kayser gives a PowerPoint presentation describing the difference between typical secular history, typical Christian history, and Providential history. The marriage of King Henry VIII to Ann Boleyn is examined from these three perspectives, followed by an analysis of ten presuppositions that drive providential history. This is the first of several training seminars designed to help people get more comfortable with providential history so they’ll be equipped and excited to enter their own projects in the Festival. Click here:  Vimeo.

KidLit Resources: With Kids in Mind

It is the desire of the Providential History Festival to bring more and more stories out of the obscurity of the past and into the memory of the present. Stayed tuned as these stories for kids are developed. Click here for the current titles.

Festival Yearbooks

Each year the Providential History Festival is packed with outstanding providential history material. The yearbook is a way of capturing the heart and spirit of the festival, as well as a small portion of the content, in a scrapbooking format. Visit “Past Festivals” starting in 2010 for a view.




Be sure to check out the bi-monthly blog for new providential history material. These articles are full of amazing stories of God’s providences down through history!